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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  June 14, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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anchor: out ontrol, a runaway ride. more than a dozen children hurt. kellye: starting the week on stormwatch. the possible impact on the morning commute. anchor: and in no house should do this. the culprit that we set out to fix. the news at 11:00 starts now. >> now abc 7 news at 11:00, on
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your side. kellye: tonight in prince george's county, 21 people including more than a dozen children are recovering after a popular ride at cosco park -- cosco parka park lost control. anchor: tom roussey is following the story and digging into what went wrong. tom: at cocas park in clinton the gates are closed. in all, 21 people had to be taken to the hospital. two eventually having to stay the night. >> they were going downhill. tom: the accident involved a tractor made to look like a train. it flipped over. the makeshift passenger cars it was pulling did not, but 21 people still needed to be taken to the hospital. >> most of their injuries were
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from bouncing around. >> i was doing a barbecue for my dad. tom: she was nearby and set a man came up carrying his daughter. >> she had a big knot on her head. a medical assistant, she began helping. >> she said the train hit a tree and flipped over. she was bleeding. i asked her name, can you tell me your abc's. tom: she cap to asking the girl questions to keep her alert until the paramedics arrived. fortunately, everyone is expected to be all right. >> i think she's going to be ok. tom: the fire department said there were 30 passengers and 21 people had to be taken to the hospital. most of the injuries were minor according to the fire department, although 112-year-old girl -- although
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one 12 euro and girl had a head injury and may have to stay the night in the hospital. reporting in clinton, tom roussey, abc 7 news. kellye: thank you, tom. you are heading to bed on stormwatch. some rough overnight weather is headed our way and though storms will stick around. devon lucie is in the weather center tracking. devon: some storms northwest of the region. some severe, getting closer, could be a batch further southwest. the stormwatch 7 live doppler radar, the batch of storms across the mason-dixon line, hagerstown with the best shot of getting something from the storms in the next several hours. it is a batch of storms further west, even south, parts of ohio with a morning chance of rain. morning showers could be in the
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commute. plan on that. real-time temperature 80 degrees, but the dew point temperatures, when you approach 78 is humid. we were in the upper 70's. like a steam bath. some temperatures closer to 90 degrees when you factor in the heat index. severe potential with the storms, strong wind gusts and heavy rain and lightning. prepare for showers tomorrow morning. getting off to work, the last school week for some, could be very high heat coming in, mid 90's the next few days. storm chances the middle of the week. a lot to cover, which we will do in the complete forecast coming up. anchor: talk about a tricky rescue, this after a man tumbled down in an bank men on the george washington parkway. fire crews come a helicopter, even a fire boat had to respond. it was near the spout run exit.
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the police say that four people were on the an bank men. they are not sure if they were hiking when one of them fell. the injuries were not life-threatening. kellye: a disturbing site on the potomac today, a body found near carter rock. the location is not far from where a woman disappeared june 3. we are wondering if there is a connection between the cases linda?\ linda: the officials do not believe it is the swarmer missing from great falls. an adult male was pulled into the water, his identity unknown. a recovery effort temporarily hampered by a passing storm for a body spotted in the potomac. >> the emergency response vehicles. it does not happen often, but it does happen. there was an accident. linda: four votes in a helicopter were deployed to carderrock off of the clara
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barton parkway. >> we deployed boats. >> there were people on boats going upstream. linda: it's still early, but officials say the body does not appear to be that of the 21 euro -- 21-year-old marco sanchez who went missing two weeks ago. kayakers at the scene say today's discovery is an unsettling reminder of what could go wrong in these waters. >> you have to be respectful of the weather and nature. >> it's a beautiful river and they're always going to be people think they can swim in it. linda: the montgomery county medical examiner said they could identify the victim as early as tomorrow. linda fernandez, abc 7 news.
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kellye: thank you, linda. two teenagers in separate shark attacks three miles apart at the same north carolina beach. at 4:30 this afternoon, a for your -- a girl lost part of her arm while swimming. an hour later, the sharks ever the arm of a 16-year-old boy. both teenagers are in stable condition at the same hospital. anchor: a clinton, maryland, man is stars with killing his father, they say stabbing him during an argument. he died at the home they shared. the sun was charged with first-degree murder, arrested this morning and charles county on an unrelated charge. frederick police have arrested a man they say shot and killed an ice cream truck driver as he was selling treats to young children. according to the police, lyles was behind the attack that killed brandon brown. witnesses help the police track
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him down. kellye: hp a blazer, and ahead of her time, phrases being used -- ahead of her time, a trailblazer, some of the phrases being used for the department's first female chief. she battled alz's disease for several years and was 67 years old. starting today, it is easier to get around the national mall. the d.c. circulator bus added a new route, starting at union station to the national mall. there are 15 stops including the capital, the natural history, and there we see them and lincoln memorial. each ride costs one dollar. jonathan: a heads up if you drive 395 in d.c., changes could be slowing down your commute. not could be, guaranteed. the two southbound lanes will shift to allow for road work beginning june 22. at night they will be closed
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from 11:00 in the evening until 5:00 in the morning. pulling the plug, a new pulled up from an ncaa leader and why she is canceling a planned announcement about her so-called race transition. kellye: a rower plucked from the ocean. jonathan: first, a shaky foundation. what is to blame for a house rumbling?
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jonathan: over the years, 7 on your side has solved a lot of problems from unscrupulous contractors to unresponsive government agencies. kellye: how about stopping the euro to moving underneath that house? horace holmes got some surprising results in tonight's 7 on your side report. horace: francis thompson and his wife live lived in this house in silver spring, 37
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years, and never have they felt their home -- >> yeah. horace: shake like this, until now. shaking started during the winter. a very rough winter that caused big potholes on university boulevard. now thompson says every time a bus -- >> the metro buses coming by right now. horace: or a big truck rolls by, and they do constantly, their house shakes. not just their house, their neighbors have been complaining too. >> i keep hugging him, we have to do something. horace: two weeks ago residents called 7 on your side claiming that a bumpy patch of east-west highway was getting their houses to shake. a contractor smoothed out the roadway. the thomson saw that story and
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called us. the question we lose to the state highway administration should the shaking of the house -- could the shaking of the house be caused by the condition of the roadway 70 yards away? an official told us there is absolutely no correlation between the rough patches and the shaking of the houses, but they answered our request to have crews come out and smooth out that portion of university boulevard. francis thompson said whatever the cause, the shaking has stopped. >> thank you very much mr. holmes we appreciate it. kellye: we are always on call. contact us anytime. get in touch with 7 on your side by calling 1-866-236-3401 or email jonathan: jeb bush a few hours
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away from his expected entry into the presidency. a former republican governor tease the announcement last week . he has been touring the country for the last few months. and someone who is definitely in the race, democratic front runner hillary clinton in the hawkeye state today, stopping at a rally at the iowa state fairgrounds. she says she is the country's champion of the middle class. she also took game at president obama struggles, saying that he nd work with his allies in congress to create the strongest deals possible. kellye: new developments involving rachel dolezal the spokane, washington, chapter of the indeed -- naacp has put a meeting that was scheduled for tomorrow. rachel dolezal said she would address questions about her race at that meeting. her family says she is white but has portrayed herself as black
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for several years. her brother spoke with abc news. >> she told me to make sure that nobody found out where she was from. that she was going to change her identity, and for me not to call her. kellye: the spokane chapter says they need more time to assess the situation. the city of spokane is investigating whether rachel dolezal lied about her ethnicity when she applied to be on a political oversight board. coming up -- a florida woman has abandoned her attempts to row solo across the pacific. jonathan: and she just got started. a freighter rescued her about 155 miles off the coast of japan. she started in japan. she sent out a distress single --distress signal after encountering bad weather. the trip was expected to take about four months. the capital pride concert stayed
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strong today despite the weather. organizers tweeted that it would take more than a little rain to stop a show. they rocked out in front of the u.s. capital until 9:00 tonight. i have to say, last night was hysterical. i was on the train with a lot of folks were on the train from there and they were all exhausted. kellye: were you thinking about the wilson phillips song? "hold on"? devon: a little bit. we are holding onto the heat and humidity. the storm chances are mixing in as well. the doppler radar, the beginning of the broadcast this is affecting the northern zones. we have the southeast movement, hagerstown, towards frederick. a batch of storms over ohio, a little southwest. that is the forecast that will be here tomorrow morning.
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morning commute, it could be here. the bigger picture the next few days is the system that started last week and continues this week. high heat and humidity this rubble of warm air. a series of friends try to push out the hot air. in doing so, that sparks up the rain chances. futurecast, shower activity within the region, stifling activity. jonathan was talking about the train, it is even higher humidity here. a slight chance of storms that could be severe into the overnight. mainly the cluster north. in the marginal area, heavy rain and lightning, a slight chance of strong wind gusts. within the slight area, a stronger chance of wind gusts. tomorrow, really humid in the morning.
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getting started, it is about keeping cool. the storm chances the next couple days are minimal. they will be isolated in nature. it is more about the heat, in addition to the southwest win. the hottest combination sunshine and southwest wind. monday, a minimal chance of an isolated chance of a thunderstorm -- isolated tornado after heavy rain. these last several days we have clusters of storms, heat and humidity coming in. mid 90's. you factor in the humidity, the heat index makes it feel like we could be pushing 100. that is so high humidity, the highest we have had all year. it will be really nasty outside especially overnight. just not getting much relief. people are asking will accord down tonight? not much more from where we are.
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-- people are asking, will we cool down tonight and the answer is not as much from where we are. kellye: thank you, devon. jonathan: this is the golden state everybody expected. lou: this is the best team versus the best player. kellye: oh! lou: a great night in sports. the nats get a gem from max scherzer, and the warriors get one from their ace. sports is coming up.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. lou: when the nats signed a max scherzer to that $210 million contract, i like many
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was hoping he had not had his best years already. the man with two different colored eyes is doing something no other person has done in franchise history. lobaton with the stick in his hand, base hit to left. denard span scores 2-0 nats. mad max was on fire. he blew hitters away with the fastball, got them to chase curveball. he got them inside, outside come up, down. max scherzer was perfect through six innings, a career in franchise record 16 strikeouts. bottom of the seventh, carlos gomez with a blooper over second. anthony rendon cannot get it. there goes the perfect game. max scherzer with a complete game 4-0 shutout.
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the hershey syrup shower. after the nasa pieced -- after the masterpiece come he talked about going for perfection. max: what you get through about five innings, you realize what's going on. i put some hair on that fastball, but he was able to get it. i thought i threw the ball great and i thought we did a great job. lou: your is what we know about the nba finals, the league m.v.p. is officially back, and lebron james needs a chiropractor, primarily to fix his sore back from carrying the entire cavaliers roster. it is literally five versus one. if ever there should be in m.v.p. from a potential losing team, this might be the year. fourth quarter, the warriors leading. james from 35 feet. three, another triple-double for
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the broncos 40 points, 14 boards, 11 assists. -- another triple-double for lebron. steph curry drains the three. golden state up by 10. curry, 37 points, 17 of them in the fourth. the warriors when 104-91. the nba season could be over tuesday night in cleveland. coach: i thought from the very beginning when they went small come had theirhooters out there, i thought this is steph 's night because he has all that room. he took over the game down the stretch and was fantastic. lou: we will soon find out what nielsen's -- what bennie olse n's crew is made up. orlando with the penalty kick opportunity. the brazilian legend, the shot
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is saved, but he is able to get the rebound. the header 1-0 orlando. the best chance for the united to score, 89th minute. he leaves it, but the shot is just wide of the netunited lose 1-0. the mystics in the big apple, facing the liberty. fourth quarter, check out the great ball movement. takes it out, drains the three. the mystics improve to 3-1 with the 74-59 win. there is a budding dynasty emerging in the nhl. the chicago blackhawks could raise their third stanley cup in six years monday night on their home ice against tampa bay. a lot going on in sports. could have the nba finals and the stanley cup all decided in a matter of days. jonathan: are you feeling bad
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for lebron? lou: he is carrying the whole team, and he has a bad back. he is carrying the city, everybody. kellye: thank you, lou. a prehistoric thriller looking to make box office history.
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kellye: dinosaurs took a giant
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bite out of the box office this weekend. "jurassic world" had the largest opening in history $511 million. and it could have the largest u.s. opening as well. jonathan: a long-lost friend beaming a hello back to worth tonight. this probe landed on a comet. the comet is moving, like 16,000 miles per hour. now the program has woken up. scientist have been trying to pinpoint its location since november. problems happened when it was not anchored to the surface.
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devon: storms just across the
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mason-dixon line, staying mainly north. morning showers tomorrow for the commute. that is the latest indications. the likely a storm chances for possible severe weather noon until 8:00. tomorrow, bright and early, the heat and humidity. jonathan: are the boomers going to keep us awake tonight? devon: they shouldn't. kellye: we are going to be sleeping soundly. jonathan: this is where we are ways.
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